Fadis was founded in 1960 for the production of textile machinery: rewinders, focaccia, doubling, winders, reeling, coiling and interlacciatrici for processing all types of yarn, such as cotton, wool, silk, artificial fibers, synthetic fibers, fibers mixed, interlaced yarns, fancy yarns.Over 53 years to celebrate qualitatively Italian industry: the “Fadis”. Operating in more than 70 countries in the world, produces Fadis with something more, different, of “selected”; imprinted on innovation, research and development, where the latest generation of series machines SYNC is proof concrete. Unlike some, Fadis chose to come to you the long way, the surest path.

Over 53 years of experience . Experience that led us to the technical results that today hardly are reflected in our sector in Italy, in Europe, in the World. Fadis always wants to give the best that we can be in the market for quality, technology and service. All our production is based on innovation. All this is summarized in the symbol that has always been Fadis. A team of technicians is constantly committed to research, study, design of new models, new products, new materials, new technologies.

Website: http://www.fadis.it/