Loptex – serving the textile industry for more than 25 years. Loptex was the first company in the world to introduce the concept of sorting out contaminants from a free fibres stream by means of pneumatic valves. This concept led to the design of downward fibres flow Sorter systems. Following the market request, Loptex designed upward fibres flow Sorter system. It was immediately approved by one of the world leading textile machine manufacturer.

Loptex introduced the concept of “Double Control of Contamination” by means of complementary technologies: Acoustic technology coupled with Optical technology. The detection of all types of contaminants, including fibres colour-like contaminants, was, therefore, possible.

Loptex pays a lot of attention to the industrial environment.

Hence, Loptex can offer suitable and user-friendly solutions which boast high performance, low maintenance cost and fast return of investment.

Agencies and service stations in the major textile areas guarantee an excellent support to its customers.

Website: http://www.loptex.it/